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“We can now sleep with the peace of mind that our home is safe with a new furnace. I will recommend the Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Policy and your Company to all of my friends and coworkers. Again my wife and I would like to thank you.”

Joseph W. F., Denver, CO

“At a time when so many service and insurance companies make people feel guilty when they have to file a claim or need service of any kind, it has been refreshing to have Blue Ribbon as our home warranty provider. We would definitely recommend them to any of our friends.”

Randy M., Denver, CO

“Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how pleased we were with the service we received on Friday. We called because of a leaky shower. I really appreciate the courteous and professional service that was received, please extend our thanks for the excellent service to Blue Ribbon Home Warranty.”

Thomasine L., Aurora, CO

“I just got a very nice call from a long term customer. Her name is Debra T. and she’s been with us since 2002. She called to let us know how much she appreciates our customer service. Her experience with us has always been exceptional. She appreciates the fact that we are sincere and human when dealing with our customers. She says that when she deals with most companies their reps sound as though they are following a script and that is irritating. She also mentioned the fact that our hold message isn’t a sales pitch. She doesn’t feel like we are trying to talk her into service that she doesn’t need every time she calls. She asked me to pass these comments onto the “powers that be”.”

Jackie S., Blue Ribbon Service Department

“I wanted to drop you a note to let you know about an excellent employee that you have in your service. With every call no matter how urgent (in my mind) or not, Tim is always there for me. His knowledge of household problems is just Great! He has walked me thru any problems, calmed my nerves and just generally is a very nice person. I will no doubt re-new my contract with Blue Ribbon just for the service that I have been receiving.

Thank You Again.”

Patte T., Colorado, Springs, CO

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Blue Ribbon for the expeditious and uncomplicated handling of a repair with our water well pump. My special thanks go out to Tim and Jackie, they dealt with our emergency in a professional and courteous way that helped us get the check in the mail only one week after the incident happened, helping us tremendously dealing with the financial burden. The professionalism and courtesy of your customer service representatives set a standard for home warranty companies in the Denver area, again our heartfelt thanks for a job well done.”

Andy G., Denver, CO

“I have worked with Blue Ribbon about 4 years now. They are so good, I have their warranty on more than one property. WOW! They are awesome. All we paid was our deductible. You will NEVER be sorry that you chose them.”

Ellen T., Dillon, CO

“I need to thank you again for the excellent service I received from Blue Ribbon. I am thrilled with the new water heater, and Charles was so pleasant and very professional. I have a good friend who just received his real estate license and a position at Coldwell Banker at Cherry Creek. I've told him all about your service, and I strongly encouraged him to recommend your company to all potential buyers and sellers. Thank Again.”

Kate A., Centennial, CO

“I just wanted to write you a quick thank you letter. This past year I have had to face some difficult challenges with my rentals. Working full time and having a limited knowledge of maintenance problems and how to fix things, I am especially grateful that I have my Blue Ribbon Warranty. You have been very helpful and I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I appreciate the service you have given me.”

Joel W., Denver, CO

“Hello Tim, this is Deb T., again, formerly of #### Lexington Village Lane. I would really like to have the telephone number of the biggest, highest Head Honcho that you can give me or at where you work... now this is not a complaint call, it's not the run of the mill, "gee, you are nice guys". Over the years that I have had the pleasure to do business with y'all, you are one of the, if not the, company that could set the tone for Corporate America, small and large business people...You're true to your word when you say you're going to call back, your representatives are great, the people that come out and do whatever are great and I know that you really try, every one of you guys try to do a good job and you succeed, and, the man who runs or the woman who runs this company needs to really know that you guys are knocking yourselves out. It's very rare that you find a company that is as all together in every respect as you guys are, and I really just feel that it would be the right and decent thing to let the top man know that he's got a company that is made terrific by his good employees and contractors. My number is 719 550-#### and yes, if I go to buy another home, which I'm not planning to be in a apartment forever, you guys will be the company I call, to warranty my next home. I hope you had a good holiday, have a nice weekend. Thank you again.”

Deb T., Colorado Springs, CO
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